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New Jersey, New York, birding guide for hire in the metro area.

 Bird Watching guide NY, NJ for hire reasonable rates.

Don't miss out on the natural wonders in New York and New Jersey on your next trip.
Don't  know what to buy the birder in your life for the holidays, how about a day trip with a chance of several lifers! 

Give a gift of a personal guided bird walk to someone you love. Great gift for the birder in your life who has everything but a bird watching mentor, companion to help find and point out the most wanted birds on their list. Good for all year celebrations especially for mothers, fathers day gifts, Valentine’s day gifts, Christmas or Birthday gifts, Teacher Appreciation gifts or just to say thank you, to some-one you love.

Gift certificates available.

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The number of bird species that can be found in the New York and New Jersey metro area is vast despite the fact that is a relatively small area.  Due to a unique combination of factors, this locale can be the ideal place to discover many of our neo-tropic migrant species.  The large tracts of forest, mountain chains, and shoreline within close proximity increases the chances of finding diverse and unusual migrant species.  This area is a migration hot-spot and over the three month spring migration, it is common to identify 100 species per day or more. With migration in full swing now it is time to look towards breeding bird species in this fantastic diverse area. In this season we can find some rare and unusual breeding species, This is especially true of the warblers and peeps with Piping plover the rarest peep and Golden-winged or Worm-eating warbler probably the most sought after specialist nesting species in the eastern region. We also have overlapping areas with Louisiana and Northern Water-Thrush nesting on either side of a forest track. This is also close to the meeting point of Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees. So far from being a period of quiet birding locations many species can be found within one hrs drive of the Holland Tunnel Hudson crossing.
 We could also if you are thinking about breeding warblers such as Cerulean, Hooded,Yellow,Chestnut-sided, American Restarts and many others. 

Special sight seeing Black Bear Safari

I am thinking about introducing a few Black Bear trips per year if anyone is interested please give me good advance notice. I know several spots that are good to see Black Bear but they can obviously be very elusive.
 Two persons 4 hours $160.00

below in table shows breakdown.

Cost in $/hr for extra birders after the first two birders listed below.

 $13.00/hr per extra person after first two birders.

 1hr through 11hr at $/Hrs. After 11hrs is negotiable.

 4hr  5hrs  6hrs  7hrs  8hr  9hrs  10hrs  11hrs
 $160  $190 $220  $245  $265  $285  $305  $320
  $52  $65  $78  $91 $104  $117  $130  $143

If I have to travel into NY city to pick you up, be aware that is cost $14.00 to drive a car every time from NJ to NY and if you insist on traveling during peak times it will take well over 2 hrs to get into and out of NY city by road.
This could be added to the cost of the hire.

4hr minimum hire
Please call for quote.

Terms and conditions of contract.


There is a 25% of total, deposit due at least 2 weeks before the date of reservation. This can be paid by personal CHECK OR PAYPAL US $  only. There is a charge of $.50/mile from Wyckoff, NJ 07481 to the arranged meet all Bridge Road tolls are the responsibility of hirer, also travel time to and from meet are at the single posted rates. There is always a minimum 4hr hire

Cancellation policy:

The deposit is forfeited on cancellation after 72hr before hire.


I do not provide transportation, call and we can discuss it or make suitable arrangements.

Click Paypal button to send deposit to my email address which is BELRICK@GMAIL.COM
 Please add 4% extra if going through Paypal.
You can also use Google wallet which is a free service for money transfer between USA bank accounts.

Hope you have a great vacation whatever you decide, and return soon to this area. 
 Great bird watching guide for NY NJ area.

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